The Cockleburr Kids

The Creatures
Today has been very entertaining for me and the new pups, we learned about plants.  I'm sure you read about the Houdini Kids well, they have been found.  They met the Cockleburrs.  I went to pick up a pup to play with it, and to my surprise, they were all very thorny, not to be confused with a word that rhymes, they were thorny.  I spent nearly a quarter of an hour picking and pulling these creatures from her fur and thought "Wow" I wouldn't want to do this again.  No words were ever eaten so well.  After examined all of the pups, they all had the little creatures all over them.  Some under their arms, some under their neck, their ears and even close to where the sun doesn't shine.  I thought they were coming from inside, there were so many.  I would take them off and put them in a pile behind me and go to the next pup.  The last pup seemed to have them everywhere and I mean everywhere.  Where could she have gotten so many?  When I started to remove them and put them in a pile, I noticed the pile was gone.  She had rolled in the pile........