It's TOO Hot

Today is just too hot.  when I work outside, I have to come in and take a shower because I get so hot and soaked through and through.  Tonight I took the dogs to the big lake and threw the Frisbee off the diving board.  Dutchess, Clancy and Abbie jumped in to get it.  Abbie probably didn't have time to think about it, because it was her first time to jump off the board, but she did great.

As I have stated, this has been a busy time.  We have had everything going on.  Maggie, one of our Pups from two years ago is here while her owners are on a two week vacation.  She is so rotten in a good way.  She is the perfect house dog and loves to stay right by your side.  She even sits under the piano bench while I play and rest her head on my feet.  She is a great dog.  It is going to get even busier this weekend, some of my family is staying for about 5 days and we are getting another dog to board.  It will be Annie.  Her parents are also going on Vacation for a week.  All in all though, life is good and God is good. 

PS  Agility class for Mag was called off tonight because of the heat, and I'm OK with that and by the way, Meg is doing great.

PSS   I am still putting my 1949 Ford 8N tractor back together after restoring it.  If I could only find all the parts.......

Too Cute

She is also a counter surfer, just like her Mother...Dutchess

Maggie Loves to sit on top of things

The Other thing to keep us busy is the new Pup's.  Dutchess had six, 4 girls and 2 boys.  All are well and their new parents and excited to get them.  We will keep them for 9 to 10 weeks and start some training with them and also get them in the lake.  Once in, their hard to keep out.  They have no fear at that age.

One of the Girls is a Tri Color
One of the Boys is a tri color too