We have a visitor this weekend.  "Dutch" from a litter about two years ago from Dutchess and Clancy came to stay for the weekend.  We board only our pups, because we enjoy seeing them again and to catch-up with them. 

Dutch Loves the water as do most Border Collies and one of the first thing he does is to run to the lake and jump in...  When he gets here he runs to us and gives us hugs and kisses.

Dutch was the runt of the litter and had a tough time getting started.  He went to a very loving family that has lots of time for him, and it shows.  Like Max, this year, got a haircut and they both strut their stuff.  We love to have Dutch and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow up.  We are lucky enough to see him a couple of times throughout the year. 

 He has matured into a very obedient and wonderful house pet.  He knows his commands and will mind very well.  One thing that is surprising is his deep bark.  His is deeper than anyone else on the farm.  We will miss him when he leaves.......