Catching Up

Shepp Learned to get into the water.  He appeared to be scared of it and then one day, he was swimming across the Lake all by himself with no one around.  I guess he didn't want anyone to see him.
Abbie will carry a Tennis Ball in her mouth when we play "Ball"  she will run after one when it is thrown, but won't try to get it.  When she does run back, she is so proud of herself like "Look, I got the ball"  We always have to have at least Two Balls when we play.

This is Dutchess Jumping off the Diving Board to get the Frisbee, I think she will go anywhere to get it and bring it back for more.  She has been a little stinker this week because of her pregnancy.  She is a little moody and will want to dominate some of the other dogs.  She does find herself in "Time Out" once in a while.