Agility II

To tell the truth, I was a little worried going into the second class.  I was a little frustrated with our progress (mostly mine) during the week.  There were a few things that she would not do at all at home and I knew I would be laughed out of class.   My son who was in from Louisville came with my wife to watch me with Meg, so I knew the pressure was on.  I talked to Ruth (the instructor) about the problems and she gave us some pointers and off we went.  In just a few moments, we flew to the top of the class, almost  It is amazing what a little discipline and a small treat will do.  We even ran a small course.  It went very well.

If you want to see your dog excel and do things other than play, I would strongly recommend that you find something that you both of you can do.  It is SO rewarding for both of you and you will see your pet in a whole different world.  Many of our pups that live elsewhere are in Agility, Flyball, Herding and one competes with the Indy Dog and Disk Club .  Just yesterday, We were invited to see another one of our pups that is being shown at a fair in July and then at the State Fair in August. She will be shown in obedience at both fairs and then in Showmanship and in Drill Team at the State Fair.  This dog has only been at this home for less than 6 months.   I can't wait.  I am so proud of our pups and owners and we love to see the success stories that come back home.

Update on Max and Clancy.  Everything is back to normal.  They are best friends and porch buddies and all in the world is good.   Whew
Until Next Time....  Ken