Road Trip

During Memorial Weekend, we went to Shipshewana, Indiana (Amish Country) and took two of the dogs, Abbie and Meg. The dogs traveled great and were excellent in the car, but only in the car. Just imagine, going to the buggy country and one of your dogs wanting to bite at the horse's hooves that were pulling passengers. The first hint of a problem is when an Amish girl came up to Abbie and wanted to pet her, but as she was walking away, Abbie tried to bite her shoestrings.

The other problem was when we were in a shop, the shop owner, who had dogs wanted to pet her. This was fine until the store owner wanted to put her face in Abbie's face. I was shaking my head saying NO NO NO, well guess what.....There was just the slightest bite on her lip. The only thing I could see was the dreaded lawsuit. The shop owner was very friendly and did not think a thing about it, whew....
Dated 10-1-2010