In Heat

Meg is in heat... She has grown fast and is not my little lap dog anymore, but she still will manage, and my lap is always open. It's just who gets there first. I love that feeling when you settle down, and one of the dogs will crawl up and make their nest and fall asleep. Border Collies are usually not very lazy, to say the least, and it is a time that you can rub their feet, rub their fur, and check them out. It's fun to watch them jerk and jump as they sleep. I've heard the old timer say they were chasing rabbits in their dreams.
Back to the heat thing. Meg and I are going to attend our first agility classes on Wednesday, this could be a big bundle of trouble for us both. I'm sure if there are male dogs in the class, they will be distracted a whole bunch, to say the least. She could be great and if she pays attention, will be the fastest of the whole bunch, but we'll see. If things work out, I will breed her with Shepp.
Abbie has cut her rear paw pad. She is also a runner, and she and Meg will compete on who get there first. Abbie started limping yesterday, and when I checked, she had a pretty deep cut that I'm sure she got running at lightning speed. There is nothing you can do except keep her from running (sure), so she is in the house with a dog bootie on and getting a lot of attention.  Ken