A First

Max is the hottest dog I know.  Not the sexy kind, but he pants all the time in the summer so this year for the first time I took him to a dog groomer to have his hair trimmed.  When I picked him up, I almost did not recognized him, but he looked great.  He acted like a new dog, strutting his stuff and seemed very cool.  Problem and their is always is one!  Clancy did not recognize him and started to herd him and act dominate against Max.  They are usually are best friends, going everywhere together and cleaning each others face.  Clancy has always been the dominate one, but they never had a problem until now.  He will try to run Max off into the woods and keep the girls to himself.  It's amazing to see the interaction with all the dogs, and this is fascinating to see inside the dog worls.  They are getting better, but it has been different.  I guess it will be a while until his hair grows out.  You think this is the same dog?