Agility Lesson

Well off we went this morning.  I had treats, clickers, leads, paper work, rabies tags and much more, but nothing to clean up the puke.  But wait, Meg never throws up, except for today.  As God is my witness, we were pulling into the drive and here it came.  I did take all the precautions, no food today and nothing to drink for the last hour.  She not only threw up once, she threw up from her rear toenails 3 times.  I haven't seen this since I was in college, it hurt me.  After doing my best, we walked in and everything seemed fine.  I met the teacher (Ruth) and she was a very pleasant person and the facility was wonderful.  It is all indoors and I was amazed at her professionalism.  She does compete and has won several titles.  Today was just a meet and greet with her, and to see the facility.  We will start in a few weeks and I will keep my loyal readers up to date as to her progress.  She did get to go through the enclosed tunnel that is used.  She was a little slow at first but took right to it.  The heat thing was no problem, all the dogs there were females.
On the way home we treated our-selves to a double cheese burger from Burger King.  Meg likes hers plain.