Agility Class

Well Last night was our first real Agility Class with Meg.  She was the best student there and she even received a blue ribbon and her picture will be on a can of New Dog Food.  She will fly to Washington to meet the President.  Oh wait, that was my dream last night.  The BIG news is Meg DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT throw up  YEA, YEA.  We went with the car window down even though it was the hottest day of the year.  I thought if she did, the Car Gods would favor me and some of it would go out the window, but we didn't need any help.  We made it.

Med did very well, the wasn't the best, but she was not the worst either.  She did great except, she wouldn't get on a balance board very well, but she did.  The Teacher is great and has a LOT or patients with the dogs.  We used about 100 treats and she did learn a lot the first night.  Pictures next week.

Dogs are hot this week, but will not slow down at all and I didn't know their will hang so low.  They go from one water hole to another, just to keep cool.  Usually the last one is a mud hole, but they love it and clean up pretty good.