A Family Affair… Mostly…

This has been a week of family activity.  We usually do things together and discuss things and take the best option to complete the task.  Just this Saturday morning, I opened a big box that a good friend had sent me.  At first, I wondered what it was but soon found out.  The dogs were watching around me, and they were excited too. 

Dutchess just knew it was a box of Frisbees and Shepp knew it was a box of tennis balls.  Neither one was right, but to their surprise, they were both partly right because it was some of the same things they love, just a little different.

It is a GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher.   Everything was in the big box including some extra balls, and when I opened it last night, I put balls into the top and thought it would be pretty genital, so I turned it on.   Nothing happened, Dutchess frowned and I checked a few things, pressed some buttons and still nothing.
I had just got back from Louisville and needed to unpack so I figured I would work with it tomorrow.  Should be simple.  After going to the store this morning and putting things away, time to try the ball launched again.  

Note... Glasses above it...
Plugged it in, I put a ball in the shoot, nothing.  Checked the batteries in the remote, even turning them around, just in case, nothing.  I thought maybe there needed to be more weight on the ball shoot, so I added lots of balls that the dogs brought me, nothing. 
Tried the remote again and looked at the control unit on the back.  The lights were on, nothing.  I did see a switch and when I made a closer look… “Standby” was visible so I switched it, power now.  A piece of cake I thought.  ERRRRR - ERRRR - ERRRR came from the bowels of the machine turning its wheels, making noises and it seems to be doing something.  Looked at Abbie and said, “this appears to be a little slow.”
VAROOM it went.  At nearly 200 miles an hour it seemed, the first tennis ball went through the wine glasses in our wine rack.  

It surprised me so much I backed off.  Knowing I had to do something, I started looking for a switch.  VAROOM went the second ball hitting the fireplace and bouncing back through the house.  The dogs are loving it and the more it shoots, the more they bark and spin.  Heaven has arrived at Dogwood Ridge according to them.  VAROOM went another ball.  I grabbed the remote, punching every button, probably increasing the launch time.  What a calamity of tennis balls flying everywhere and always hitting one of Elaine's silly trinkets in the process.  VAROOM VAROOM went two balls.  Now it’s getting serious, very serious.  The  GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher had turned itself into the path of the dining room hutch that has our family heirloom of Royal Copenhagen of Denmark dinnerware that was designed in 1775 right in its bullseye.  Pricelessly is it’s the only word, trouble is mine.

With a belly nearly full tennis balls and having the power to go through concrete walls, I only had one choice, grab the launcher in a bear hug and run to the back door hoping not to cause too much more damage as I ran with the antitank weapon outdoors.  Once outside and safe, my world was better and only wondered what ramifications will follow.  Elaine came out to see us because of the shotgun sounds and commotion that floated through the neighborhood and look at me, then the GoDogGo and the happy dogs turning circles and barking and said, “Seems like everyone had fun!”   My brain kicked in and I said, “they had a ball.”  The glass hutch with the dinnerware was safe and untouched.  She broke the silence and only said one thing, “Why didn’t you just unplug it?”  Ken

Thank you Karen F.  You make their day... 
Note to self...  Never turn on a GoDogGo ball launcher inside the house.

You get Attached…

A little over a week ago, I was sitting in my recliner, and one of my dogs was on my lap.  She was laying upside down, feet up in the air and asleep to the world.  This reminded me of a rescue dog that we helped because she would do the same thing.  Every time I stopped rubbing her head, her eyes would open, and she would paw at my hand, wanting more attention which she got.  Each one that we knew, we loved and remember each one.  This particular night, I had read some tragic news about a dog that has passed away that I had been following on social media.  It was a rescue dog that was with the foster parent that came to her in very poor health, and I watched the progress and then, the tragedy occurred.

“Tomorrow at 11 am, Eric and I pick up our new foster child!!!!!! He's through Camp Jean, and from the Pulaski Co Animal Shelter. Bringing home some homegrown roots! Bulleit is what we'll call him.”

He's a lover! Honestly, can't tell if he's dark red or black......  So bleached.
So far...... He only eats coconut oil. Not PB or anything else. He does also seem to be in a decent amount of discomfort from his neuter, and he threw up during the night. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Good news: Not a single potty accident! Unless you count my lap in the car and then walking around Lowes with 💩 on my leg and arm..... I made a lot of friends.

Poor man hasn't eaten one bite (I've had him since Sunday), his sutures from his neuter are infected (I'll spare you the picture), he's been puking on and off the whole time, and he now can't even keep water down. He's skinny as a rail and weak as a cooked noodle. After puking consistently since 2am, the new foster boy was dropped off at at the vet first thing this morning. Praying he's on the mend soon.  I'm anxiously waiting for them to call Eric and let us know how he is.

Poor little boy passed away last night 💚😔💚 He got to spend his last day feeling just a little bit better. I'm sorry, little buddy.

“He was on fluids, antibiotics, and wormer. He was pulled from a rural shelter one week ago and neutered upon arrival. We have no idea what his history was, and the stress from the neuter didn't help. He was treated very aggressively but still passed.” 

Sometimes everything you do is in vain.  In a message, the foster and I talked, and something she said was so right.  “Just that it's just crazy how attached you get when you're trying to save someone.

And when you can't it's devastating. Especially when you don't expect it. You always feel like there's something more you could've done.”

“Then when he got the diagnosis I thought we had good hope with treatment. Although I knew how weak he was. So emaciated. He just couldn't handle it.
He was so great with everyone. He loved people. Especially men. We took him to Lowes Sunday, and he wanted to see everyone.
We gave him a good effort. I really thought he'd be ok. I was shocked.  I thought we'd made it past the worst.”

Run Free Bulleit... Run Free...
I never thought that in such a short time that you could fall head over hills over a dog and it could touch your heart and soul.  Every dog that Clancy’s Dream worked with, Elaine and I could have kept because we loved them.  I will tell you that giving up a rescue is harder than when we sold pups because we would investigate our future owners and felt confident that things would work out.  With our rescue dogs, most were abused in some form or another sometimes several ways.  They didn't know love, friendship, good food and some never had a warm bed.  I still go crazy thinking about the Sanders dogs and still can't look at the photos I took.

Thank you, Katy.  In just a few days you did everything you could to save Bulleit and hopefully give him a new home where they would love him and take care of him, something he never knew until you.  You showed him more love in just a few days than he probably received in his whole life.
People do this because there is a need, someone has to pick up the pieces, but make no mistake they are the unsung heroes, with hidden wings we'll never see.  Because of the unseen goodness they do, I am proud to know them.

“Hey…who is that?” a dog shouted as they all gather together at Rainbow Bridge, as the new human arrives.  “I don’t know their name." someone said, but Bulleit shouts, "but I do... she helped me when I was sick and loved me,” and it was revealed that the person was the rescuer that did everything in their power to help, and then many more dogs came to greet her because she helped them too…strangers no more...and the circle is complete... 
A stately and majestic Border Collie watched from a distance and smiled once again... 

It takes a great love to help a dog that can’t help themselves. Thanks to the Angel that helped Bulleit… May you meet your Angel at the Bridge…God Speed Bulleit… Ken 

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My Vacation… or so I thought

As most are aware, Elaine's Dad went into the hospital for a couple of stents in one of his arteries.  While this is something I know very little about, I do know she has been gone over three weeks, some of it because of complications but things are better with him, and she is due home tomorrow.  At first, I was kinda lost with nothing to do, but after a few days, things got better, and I found I had some freedom that I usually don’t have.  Dutchess pipped up "Ding Dong the witch is"  "DON'T go there"  I said.

The dogs and I settled into our routine and felt comfortable doing what we liked to do.  Breakfast was a little different, the dogs love to eat with us and I would give them a small bite as I am eating but things were special now, we were on our own.  Each dog got a bowl of Cheerios with milk, Dutchess wanted some sugar on hers, but I put my foot down on that one.  The next day, she got Captain Crunch because she likes the Captain and wants his hat, problem solved.  I did notice that this month, our food bill is a little higher because we mostly ate people food and I didn’t have to take them out to the kennel, more time to watch TV and chill. 

We’ve got a few critters in the house because it’s easier to leave the sliding glass door open and I don’t need to get up when the dogs want out.  A raccoon, a turtle, and even a bat came to see us at night for a nightly visit.  The dogs loved it because they had something to chase and everyone wanted to play.  After much fun and frolick, everyone got tired, and we settled down.  The “critters” I’m sure are somewhere in the house because they seemed to like it here with all the food on the floor and even brought their friends. Hopefully, they'll come out of their hiding place before Elaine get’s home.

Just chillin... I can see clouds...
When we built the house, we put a garden tub in the big bathroom, one of those that is big and has jets that shoot water and makes you feel good.  We hardly use it because showers are quicker and easier but when Elaine left for Louisville, we found another use for it.  The dirty clothes backed up, so the big tub was the perfect place to store dirty clothes.  I thought I had a problem when the water accidentally got turned on.  Abbie loves the water, so she thought she had her own mini pond, somebody found a Frisbee and playtime was on…  All was good until the water jets got turned on and clothes and dogs got spinning in a circle.  "Idea!"… dirty clothes, water, and agitation add some dish soap, and the wash is no longer backed up.  Just hang it on the porch railing and clean dry clothes in a day or so.  Problem solved.  She will love this time-saving idea.

I was contacted via email, I won a national award.  I am proud to say that I am the distinguished award winner and the single one person who had bought more items on Amazon since the first of the year.  Elaine will be sooooo excited I’m sure, we have EVERYTHING we will ever need, I got a lovely email that I can show her, she will be so proud of me.

While Elaine was away, we were just a little lax in the things we did, but I know she loves housework and won’t mind to tidy up just a little.  Can’t wait to see her…  

Things I learned when Elaine got home…

You don’t need all this freedom, it can get you in trouble, trust me.
Cheerios and Captain Crunch gives dog diarrhea, don't leave it for Elaine.
Keep the critters out and the door shut and hope something is not hiding in Elaine's closet.
Never, I mean never put clothes, water, dogs, dish detergent in a garden tub and turn it on, Never ever.
If you can’t handle it, don’t join Amazon Prime, you have to pay for it…
Elaine does not like housework, remember this.  
Flowers do not always help.
I'm sleeping outside with the dogs.

This could go on forever...  Ken


I don't have time again...

No, it's me this time, I’m retired and I don't have any time, it’s just that I have too many jobs and try to do everything in one day. One thing the Good Lord did not bless me with is patience, and I think he forgot Dutchess, too. Yes, this IS another Dutchess story and my screw ups, an update but if things get any more hectic, I'll lose my mind.  
As I have made it known, Elaine's Dad is in the hospital and has been for 3 weeks which means she has been gone.  She misses home, and I am going crazy.  Yes, I can watch TV when I want, eat what I want and just relax.  NO-NO-NO that's not happening.  I am on a mission to stay busy and get some jobs done.   Every night she is gone, I find myself doing more.  I use to start watching TV at 9 pm, now I'm still on the phone or working at my desk until 11 pm.  What's the deal!

 Dutchess always provides me with plenty of material for the blog and may even plan to do things just to get attention, because she loves the limelight.

If Dutchess could speak and she almost can, the first thing she would say is “I just don’t have time to do that.” The reason she would say that is because she has to;

Play Frisbee
Play Ball
Play Frisbee
Play Frisbee
Play Frisbee
Go Fishing
Jumping in other people's cars when they visit

There are many things that she doesn’t have time for; because she just wants to do other things, some of them she hates are;

Going to bed
Going to her kennel
Slowing down
And last but not least, mind me.

It's not that she really hates it, she just wants to do the things she wants to do.  There is no doubt that Dutchess is a free spirit girl. I think she is a layover of the early 70’s and would wear a headband if she could find one and I know she was a hippie in her past life.

You don't mind if I drop these off for a while...Do you?
One of the problems we had with her when she had pups, she would get bored taking care of them.  I can just hear her…"Heck, they have teeth and can walk, they should be able to find food for themselves, I do, you just have to beg enough, they’ll give in”. She always weaned her pups herself, when she thinks they are ready; because she wants to do other things.

Some days, I had to make her lie down and sit with her just to make sure the pups get some milk. She would give me the evil eye, and I can only imagine what she was thinking, but I usually win, usually.

You might win, but I don't like it...
She hates to go to bed or go in her kennel because the dogs usually stay out all day unless someone is coming over.   I will put all the dogs up because of Dutchess.  Once, just as the car door was opened, she went under the driver's legs to the passenger’s side of the car and tore open her (sorry Jennifer) McDonalds bag looking for at least one French fry. I was right there and did say, “I really do feed her” she took it in good strides, and we both laughed. She even got a few licks from her in case there were some crumbs still on his face.

One of the most amusing things I have ever seen her do was during a mating with Clancy (A little PG rating here). Elaine and I were taking a walk with the dogs, and as always, we have a Frisbee in hand. Well, Mother Nature took charge during the walk, and the deed was done, and as with dogs, they will stay this way for a period of time. Dutchess, seeing the Frisbee nearby decided she wanted the Frisbee and went for it. Well, Clancy could not see the Frisbee, nor wanted anything to do with it and was comfortable just to stay put. Off she went, pulling Clancy to the toy, his eyes getting bigger with every step. Fortunately, it was just a few feet away, and when she got there, she picked the Frisbee up and just held it in her mouth until they were finished, and in her mind, she wanted to be ready to play Frisbee.

Dutchess is an exquisite dog if she could tell it. She is just a free thinker and has a free spirit that wants to do what she wants to do and when she wants to do it. She is a leader and has never been a follower. I once saw her knock a gentleman down. He and his family were looking at the dogs just to get a feel for their personality. Dutchess was looking for a faster way to get to a toy, and he was in her way. This made perfect sense to her; but the only thing I saw was a problem, he took it in good stride and said, “she sure is spirited, ” and I agreed. Whew!

As I had mentioned, with Elaine gone, I must have lost my mind.  I've stained the floor, worked in the yard and at one point, tried to polish the bathroom vanity top, rather than purchase a new one.  I bought all the necessary materials and even a car buffing machine to make it easier.  Driving home I thought this would be a piece of cake.  Throw a little polish on the vanity top and turn the buffer on and wah-lah, new top but somehow that didn't work out.  As everything seems to go south, we now have a new vanity top along with new faucets and truth be known, I could have bought one with the new supplies I bought trying to fix it.

Elaine if you don't come home soon, my head will explode or we'll run out of money.  Dutchess could care less as long as I take care of her...  Somehow, I think I’m starting to act like Dutchess.  Don't leave your car door open.  Ken

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This has been a very stressful two weeks, lots going on at home with my dogs and the storms and the rescue world is busy.  Abbie is finally out of her cone, and she is happy and has been in the lake every day.  Elaine has been with her Father for two weeks, she is his only living child, and when her Mother passed away, she is his intercessor to the world and helped him through his recent operation.  I need her to come back because there is no toilet paper on the roll.  A friend posted this several nights ago on Clancy’s Dream Facebook page, and it really hit me and here is why…

A POEM TO MY FOSTER DOG, by Diane Morgan

I am the bridge
between what was and what can be.
I am the pathway to a new life.

Many times I have seen the what was and what can be in the life of a dog.  I never thought about how I see both sides in their life when most do not.  I have picked up dogs that were covered in urine and feces and had never been out of their cage.  I have been greeted with guns on several occasions and seen dogs that had no will to live because their human companion did not.  The dog was the last thing that ever got attention, food or water and at times some of them had never been on real grass.  Clancy’s Dream is the pathway to their new life.

I am made of mush,
because my heart melted when I saw you,
matted and sore, limping, depressed,
lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.

The day when Guinness came to Clancy's Dream, he would not take a treat,

The day he left his foster's Home
 My heart melted many times, no, all the time.  I saw them when they knew nothing about life, love or where their next meal would come from.  One dog, our last little rescues was so lost that he would bury his head under his paws just to escape the world of humans and how bad they are.  I got inside the kennel with him and put my hands over my face and cried and he then allowed me to touch him.  Little did he know he was to be euthanized but he came into our arms, only by luck… Guinness is only one of several we saved that was doomed.

For one little time you are mine.
I will feed you with my own hand
I will love you with my whole heart
I will make you whole.

In my heart, they are mine even if it’s for a little while.  I care about you, worry about you and fret about if you will like your new home.  In my mind, no one can ever love you like I do but I know that’s not true…  Many times I will wrap my arms around you and just hold you, hoping you’ll understand what love is.  How can I not get attached to you when I see you transform into a dog that lays in my lad, licks my face and follow me around because you want me.

I am made of steel,
because when the time comes,
when you are well and sleek,
when your eyes shine, and your tail wags with joy
then comes the hard part.

No one will ever understand the pain that we go through when we give you up and when that time comes, you are healthy, well loved and happy.  You are a long way from that fearful dog that would bark and run away, and your fur that was, yellow from urine and matted is now shiny and new.  You are now a beautiful dog, both inside and out and you became part of our pack and my heart.

I will let you go not without a tear,
but without a regret.
For you are safe forever
A new dog needs me now.

Yes, I will let you go but never without a tear that most will never see.  As I walk away, something is always in my eye and throat because I can’t seem to see or speak, but my heart is bursting with joy.  You are now forever safe from the chain, cage, and hell that you lived in and your dream of a new life is just ahead if only you knew, but soon will.  I think about you often.  You will always be part of us, and I see you in my thoughts and dreams.

Lilly is a full blooded BC.  She was locked up in her cage, never getting out to go to the bathroom.  I was under the watchful eye of an armed man watching my every move I make when I picked her up.  She was so bad, we went straight to the vet.  She came out of her bonds and recovered, I miss and love her so...

Sadly a dog is in trouble, but hopefully, the owners have the sense to contact a rescue rather than dumping their dog at the dog pound where you may be killed before they even walk out the front door.  Yes, a new dog needs “us” now.  And Clancy’s Dream and its members are ready to help.   Ken

About 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs—about one every 13 seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year. Often these animals are the offspring of cherished family pets. Spay/neuter is a proven way to reduce pet overpopulation, ensuring that every pet has a family to love them.  The Humane Society of the United States.   Border Collies are on the top ten list of all dogs given up to shelters.  Yes a new dog needs us now!    Ken and the crew of Clancy's Dream...

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Headed North...

This has been a roller coaster week.  Elaine is gone out of state for a week to be with her day for surgery and won't be back until Thursday.  Not much peace and quiet here with everything going on, This morning, I am getting ready to drive a few hours to see some sheep herding and see Clancy’s Granddaughter and along with her is a foster that is in Clancy’s Dream program.

 Things are speeding up in the dog world, and I spend nearly 8 hours every day working on the foundation and seem to never get caught up.  I can tell because of the stacks of folders that are everywhere on my desk and floor.  It’s exciting to see everything come together but I also see I am getting further behind.

Dutchess went fishing yesterday.  I know this sounds strange, but she will see the fish in the water and her tail goes up, and she will watch and wait.   Photos from several years ago but this is a common occurrence.

It’s so funny to watch her, she will get to a fever pitch, and when she can’t stand it, she will get in the water.  

Once there, she will bite at the water.  Don’t think she can’t get one, she can and has.  What really makes her day is when I throw some fish feed in the water, and the catfish comes around her.  

I need a pole and what are you looking at?
Once we had some company and they were fishing and caught some and put them in a bucket.  She put her head in the water and grabbed one and off she went.  Don’t know what she did, but I’m sure it was fun.  If she had thumbs, she would have a fishing pole.

Short post, I’m heading North to to see one of our foster dogs and part of my heart…  Ken

Grandfather is found...

Dutchesses Great Grandfather is found...

The town of Silverton, nestled at the edge of the foothills of the Cascades east of Salem, has been home to some notably famous personalities, including the movie star Clark Gable.  But this town’s most famous icon is probably a dog named Bobbie the Wonder Dog.

In the summer of 1923, Frank and Elizabeth Brazier packed up their touring car and headed east for a visit to Indiana. And, of course, Bobbie came with them — perched proudly atop the pile of luggage in the back seat, or else riding jauntily on a running board.

They were almost to their destination when it happened: Frank was gassing up the Red Bird when a pack of local mongrels jumped Bobbie. The last Frank saw of Bobbie that day, he was running for his life with three snarling dogs in hot pursuit.
At the time, Frank wasn’t worried. Bobbie, he thought, could take care of himself; he’d be waiting back at the house where the Braziers were staying, but he wasn’t.
The Braziers started searching. They called around town, advertised in the local newspaper and did some driving around. Still no Bobbie. So, leaving instructions to hang onto him if he reappeared, they continued on their trip. They’d pick him up on the way back home, they figured.

They figured wrong. Bobbie still wasn’t around on their return. So, regretfully, the Braziers continued on their way, leaving instructions to send him home on a rail car at their expense should he turn up — hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.
Exactly six months later, one of Elizabeth Brazier’s daughters was walking down a Silverton street with a friend  “Oh look — isn’t that Bobbie?” she said.

Sure enough, it was Bobbie — sore of foot, matted of coat, his toenails worn down to nothing. Bobbie had logged more than 2,500 miles and probably well over 3,000 — swimming rivers and crossing the Continental Divide in the dead of winter to get back home to Silverton and his owners.  

Within a week the story was making national headlines. Friendly people with whom Bobbie had stayed for a night or two on his journey wrote in to tell their stories. Putting all of this together, the Humane Society of Portland was able to piece together a surprisingly precise account of the route Bobbie took: After coming back to Wolcott and finding the Braziers gone, Bobbie first followed them northeast, farther into Indiana. Then he started striking out on what must have been exploratory journeys in various directions — perhaps trying to pick up a familiar scent to give him a sense of the direction to take.

Eventually, he found what he was looking for, and struck out for the West Coast.  On their trip, the Braziers had left their car in service stations each night. Bobbie visited each of these on the way, along with a number of private homes. He also spent some time in a hobo camp. In Portland, he stayed for some time with an Irish woman, who nursed him back to health after some sort of accident left his legs and paws gashed upBobby, the collie, was home. By Finn J.D. John — January 2, 2011

I would only assume that this is Dutchesses Great Grandfather but truth be known I'm sure it had a different twist.  If Bobby was anything like Dutchess, he was perched proudly atop the pile of luggage in the back seat and no-one knew he was there but if it was Dutchess, she would have jumped on the front seat, barging her way past anything or everyone just to get something that may have dropped on the floor that remotely could be something to eat.  

She would have been left at the gas station because she wondered off smelling food.  She followed her nose and went looking for something to eat on her extended trip.  Not worried a bit, she would have gone from house to house on her extended food binge meeting interesting people and different kinds of food, liking anything she was given.  

Also as she traveled throughout the nation, and when times got scarce her sad eyes always work for food and shelter, there was always the lifted paw in the air that stole anyone's heart or her laying down with her feet up in the air.  When she finally mosied back home, I'm sure she would have gained weight because of her mooching for food and rides and the people that called back to the little town were complaining about the stolen food and wanted someone to pay for her meals...  Only Dutchess...  Dad

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