Clancy's Dream Comes Alive

As I walked from Clancy’s grave the day after his unexpected death, I said out loud through tears “I didn’t want this to happen,” I remember the exact spot on the driveway when I turned back to look and said again, “I want him to live forever…somehow” as I knew this is impossible, there has got to be a way.  Clancy had National and International lineage and had sired many offspring’s in his life, his offspring's will live for many many years, but they too shall pass.  There has to be more and there is…

Clancy with one of our last litters, some are asleep under him.
For nearly four years we have worked with Border Collies in need because they are a special and unique breed.  Most people really don’t know what they are getting into, especially if it’s their first dog and no research done about BC’s on their part.  I’ve said many times to prospective owners “They demand, literally demand lots of attention and lots of activity. If you don’t have the time or energy to devote to the dog, don’t get it.  There are better choices, it will be the best decision or the worst decision of your life and for the dog."

Working in a veterinarian’s office I saw many times where drastic decisions were made for the pet because the owner of the pet could not pay for the treatment that the dog required to survive.  Hearts were broken and lives were changed because the owner saw no other option than to put the dog down.  Knowing what I have seen and what Elaine and I have done, it seemed like a perfect fit to reach out and help dogs receive the best care they can get and help even more with BC’s that need rehabilitation and rescue. 

Just Thursday, a road trip, nearly to the Canadian Border, was made by a true friend to help a BC in need.  It was to rescue a little 14 month old female Border Collie who had been shuffled from home to home 5 times.  Once at the farm both Elaine and I quickly discovered that she is a true sweetheart.  

Luna, just needs a chance
If Beverly had not stepped in to pick her up, chances are Luna would have gone back to another shelter to be euthanized or someone would have taken advantage of a “free to good home” dog possibly to be used for something very evil.  As I have said “They demand, literally demand lots of attention and lots of activity. If you don’t have the time or energy to devote to the dog, don’t get it” but unfortunately most people don’t listen and mistakes are often made.  If you own a BC, you and I know they are a very special breed not to be taken lightly.

Where does Clancy come into this picture, you ask?  I talked to Elaine and we agreed there is more work to be done by Clancy.  I talked to our Veterinarian’s office the Monday after his death and there is a real need for this according to them, more than we know. “Clancy’s Dream” went from an idea, to a conversation, to a registered Nonprofit Corporation in just 10 days after his death.  A Board of Directors, including a Veterinarian and 5 other people have come together to form a much needed resource for other BC owners to keep my boy’s memory alive.  We have completed and sent all the necessary paperwork in for a 501-c3 Federal tax exempt status and patiently wait, a business bank account has been opened, complete with its own debit card and a website is being developed by a professional group.   Business cards have been ordered and we are well on our way to help our first BC in need. 

Our Clancy always took care of us along with all his playmates and the frequent visitors to the farm by keeping an ever vigilant eye on all.  Before long, we will introduce his “Dream” to people in need and I will tell you there are plenty out there.  There may be challenges ahead for us, but we as a group are ready for whatever may come our way. Hopefully the time and money will soon be spent for the cause of helping the dogs that can’t speak or heal themselves.  We do this because they have given so much to us, it’s only fair.  The organization, known as “Clancy’s Dream” has an operating statement or code if you will and it reads as follows;

Bringing Help and Hope to Border Collies and their Owners in Times of Need through Rescue Efforts or Veterinary Care Assistance.

We miss Clancy as do others.  We pine over his death but now know that because of him, many other dogs will be rescued or given the medical attention they need through the donations and support from others. Our beautiful Clancy will live on through the lives he will help to save…

...I was the protector of the pack, but more importantly, I was a mentor for the rescued dogs that were lucky enough to enter the gates at Dogwood Ridge and now I will lead and watch from afire, my spirit living forever...  Thank you... Love Clancy

Clancy’s Grandparents and Great Grandparents
2004 International Supreme Champion
98/96 Scotland National Champion
1994 Irish National Champion
94/91 International Supreme Champion
92/89 International Supreme Champion
1985 Welsh National Champion
1984 England National Sheep Dog Champion
And it continues until 1925

Clancy's Dream

“Does your dog jump in the water?”  Inside my head, I was grinning and I secretly said to myself, “Just watch.”  We had our church group over for a Saturday day of fun and fellowship and thus far it was a wonderful day by the lake with friends.  I tossed a tennis ball into the water and off the diving board he flew having a ball, just like the thousands of times Clancy had done before.  

As kids will be kids, “can he do it again?” they ask, and after a couple of more throws he got out of the water and took two steps, he wavered and fell over.  Elaine was only 3 feet away and immediately went to the ground to help him.  I was on the dock and ran to them from no more than 20 feet away.  As I grabbed him his body felt like a bag of marbles and was unresponsive, no heartbeat and dilated pupils.  After CPR and every attempt to regain his life I said the words I never ever wanted to say.  “He’s gone”  “Nooooooooooooooooo” Elaine cried as she bent over to hug her dog, “This can’t be” but it was.  In the blink of an eye, our life as we knew it had forever changed and things on the farm would never be the same. 

I gently gathered his body into my arms, with Elaine and other church friends falling in behind me forming a funeral procession of mourners. I carried his lifeless form from the big pond to the dog kennel where I placed him carefully down on a quilt Elaine had acquired and spread out on the floor. Very few words were spoken and I knew what I needed to do.  Saying nothing, I went to the tool shed and grabbed a shovel and pick-ax and went to hunt for “his” spot.  

Several years ago, I woke up from a sound sleep and sat straight up in bed and said out loud “Where will we bury them” I had had a dream that one of the dogs had died and I didn’t know where to bury them and then I asked myself, where will we bury any of them, it has to be special!  It was a very distressing dream and no decision was made until that fateful Saturday when we had to make it.  I walked down that long road no-one ever wants to travel and went to a beautiful place near the front gate, but inside the fence, a place he is familiar with and everyone will pass it several times a day.  Most of our past pets are buried elsewhere but it is outside our fence that we installed several years ago.  Elaine asked if we would bury him with the others and I immediately said “no he will be inside the fence always with us” and she agreed.  

As I put the shovel to the ground some of the men from our church group walked up and asked if there was anything they could do and I said “there are more shovels in the shed" not lifting my eyes, they got them and we started.  I said “The only condition is when we are finished, you need to leave” and they agreed and understood why.   In my mind, Clancy’s life was racing before me with every shovel full of dirt I scooped and I didn’t want to stop, because I knew what was coming next and I would never lay my eyes on my Clancy Man again.

With the task completed and handshakes shared with turned down eyes, our friends quickly and quietly left without a word.  I walked to the kennel where he was and Elaine was laying down with him holding him in the comfort of her arms.  “It’s time” I said “just a few more minutes” she whispered. I went to the cabinet to get a brush, scissors and nail trimmers to prepare him for his last trip.  We brushed him out and stroked his beautiful face and tied one of my bandannas around his neck.  We looked at each other, then back at him and wordlessly decided he was ready.  I decided two more task needed to be done, so I cut a lock of hair from his white collar and clipped his nails for the final time, placing these items in a plastic bag and zipped it closed.   If we outlive all of our pets the hair will be divided between Elaine and me and buried with us when we pass on.

I gathered him in the blanket and cradled him in my arms while Elaine and I walked together along with all of our dogs to “his” new forever spot.  It was fitting to carry him once again as we did when we got him 10 years ago.  As a puppy we carried him to his first home here at the farm and now I was carrying him to his final home.   Clancy was still wet from his swimming and even had some dirt on his feet.  It’s just like he liked to be and very suitable.  He died proud, doing the things he loved to do.  Slowly I lowered him to his new home and after he was wrapped completely in his blanket, one last look and kiss was make “Goodbye Clancy Man, We love you”.  Every one of the dogs watched and sniffed him and was allowed to say goodbye to their leader, friend, lover and playmate.  Buried with him was his tennis ball, Frisbee and two broken hearts that will never mend.  “I can’t believe it” was said a thousand times… “It will never be the same…”  Digging his grave I developed a blister on my hand and would find myself touching it for weeks after just to remember.   Slowly it went away and I was disappointed because that was the last physical evidence that I had of him.

As I pulled up to our farm gate the next day, I looked for Clancy. He always heard us from the house and would run down our lane to meet us, taking his usual shortcut through the woods and then ride back with us to the house in the car. Painfully, that day, there was no Clancy and the shortcut that he always took is where his grave is.  Clancy has gone away and life is not the same, the greatest gift that you can give us is just to speak his name. I need to hear your stories and the tales of days gone past, I need for you to understand these memories must last, this is all we have. We'll never make more memories since he is no longer here, so when you say "Clancy" to me its music to our soul and I know he’s not gone…

I find solace sitting in the woods at Clancy’s gravesite.  It started with just his grave which led to a soothing place of comfort and a place to reflect.  It now has a bench, two Adirondack Chairs, one small table and his two tombstones that appeared at our house just a few days after his death from people who loved him.   We find ourselves going to see him every day just to sit and I ponder our life and in my mind’s eye wonder what is next.  The dogs will always go and sit with us, acting on their best behavior, some sitting near his grave, most will sniff his grave as if saying hello to him.  It’s beautiful under the tall trees and when the sun is shining, the open tree canopy allows sunlight to shine on his grave.  Very near are his new wind chimes that tinkle when we have a slight breeze and I would like to think he is talking to me but I also know that anyone who knew him will heard him speak too, as for me, I hear him daily.   Rest well my “Clancy Man” We are who we are because of you!  Until we meet again and write our next chapter.  Clancy James was named after me, but he belonged to Elaine and was her heart dog.  

Clancy was a born leader and he demonstrated it many times.  Every dog followed him and most humans admired his skills.  The very morning Clancy passed away he crept into my bed, burrowing his nose under my arm, falling asleep.  As I watched him breathe and rubbed his head he slept peacefully and dreamed… I wonder what he dreamed, did he know?  One hot day many years ago, I was with my Dad and out of nowhere he said "I'm ready to go"  I ask if I could take him home and he said "No" but also say " I'm ready to go to Heaven."  I laughed and 2 hours, he went to Heaven. 

If you knew Clancy, he touched all of us in one way or another.  I have cried more than I did for my parents when they passed, I have felt helpless and in a fog, not knowing what to do.  There are days that are better than others but just when I feel better, something... anything takes me back to that day and the pain.  Living in a dog world and if I have learned anything, I have seen and heard the grief that many people have shared with me about losing their beloved pet.  Even though my pain and heartache is enormous to me, it is no worse or greater than yours when you lost your pet.  We just have something in common and only we will always be able to understand that horrible pain we share.

"Where will we bury them?" the question that was unanswered for several years now has been answered with a prominent place here at the farm.  It is laid out and arranged with Clancy at the head and his mates will be buried around him as time dictates. A granite memorial will be placed at the entrance of our gravesite for the new owners that will live here when we are gone that reads;

     “The Dogs of Dogwood Ridge”
Our beloved pets are buried here.  Please honor us and them
by keeping this site sacred.  We would be honored if you chose
to bury your loving pets with ours too.

When that time comes and if you need a place for your pet and want them to be buried under the tall trees, where the sun shines through an open canopy with wind chimes that sing with the breeze, your pet is welcome.  I have several shovels and will lovingly help you as I was helped. Together we can give them a special place to be by the sides of our dogs and we can sit together in the Adirondack Chairs and talk about the best dogs in the world...

“Mom... Dad..., I’ll be watching and waiting”    Clancy…  

His epitaph will be in two parts.   Next week… Where do we go from here? His memory must last!  Again... Clancy has spoken and will now speak volumes…

Note... I have put off writing this story because it meant I had to face this reality again.  I did not write this to make you sad but to help me heal and hopefully you will appreciate what you have with your beloved four legged friend… I know I do… Love Ken

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As “Newby” walked up to me while I was sitting in my recliner, she puts her paws on the side of the chair wanting up.  She acts like she wants up but seems confused, just like her hesitance to walk through an outside door, she seems unsure.  I pat my lap and she does jump up and she has adopted to life on the farm and she is wanting human companionship.   From what we understand, she was dumped on a rural county road in an area that is known for doing this very thing.  I also understand that she ran behind a car for several hundred feet until they stopped at their house, she was scared.  They took “Newby” to their garage just to keep her safe until they could contact animal control the next day.  A good friend, after seeing her on social media contacted me to see if we could help and of course we would.  He snatched her up before the call was made that morning to animal control and “Newby” was turned over to us that afternoon.

The urgency of finding her home may be real several reasons, the first is she has had puppies and the other reason is her owner may be looking for her but everything points to her being dumped .  She has lost the security she once may have known even though it may not have been much but it was all she had at the time.  If she was dumped, her life will never be the same as it was but it will be better and she will be in safe hands and hopefully in a new home very soon.

I don’t know why these things happen, but I do know that just a few days after Clancy suddenly died “Newby” came to our house and gave us purpose once again.  As you know a very large hole was opened up in our heart when he left and life will never be the same, only different, just like “Newby”. 

Elaine named her “Newby” because she is the newest dog we have but it’s only temporary while she is here.  I ask her why she named her that and she firmly stated that she won’t get attached but I think that has already happened and it will be a sad day when she goes to her new home.  We have attempted to find her old owner through various social mass medias along with calling the vets and animal shelters in our area and even placing several ads in Indiana papers but if no one comes forward, she will be placed in a wonderful home, I will see to it…

Note to her old owner…  Your dog is living the life of luxury with us, she has had a much needed bath, shots, worming, food, medical attention.  She sleeps on our bed with us and has even knocked Dutchess out of my lap on the recliner, but it’s only temporary and hopefully Dutchess understands.  “Newby” has learned to come in and out of the door, sleeps on the bed and get on the furniture and I don't think you know what you lost. 

She knows what a pat on the head and hug means and now runs to us but most of all, she know what security is, but I will tell you, Karma will be a bitch for you if you dropped a little dog in the road to fend for itself with nothing…

To the new prospective owner, your little girl is very sweet and spoiled.  I hope you don’t mind if she gets on the couch with you…

Thank you Clancy for watching and helping… Dad

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Happy Memorial Day...

As I have said before, if you ever love an animal, there are three days in your life you will always remember...

The first day is blessed with happiness, when you bring your new puppy home.

The second day will occur eight to ten years later and be a day like no other.  Routine and undistinguished, but for a surprising instant, you will look at your long-time buddy and see age where you once saw youth.

The third important day is the one we all dread, when that time comes. Your day is filled with grief that is hard to explain.  And many times, you will find that not many in your circle of family or friends will be able to understand.

Friday I got a call from the owner of a dog we know well.  I thought it was strange in the beginning but in an instance, I knew something was wrong, so very wrong.  “Jackson passed away today” he said.
Jackson was such a beautiful and loving dog and it literally broke my heart to think I would never see him again.  I also took a walk down our driveway where at the end, is our “family” graveyard where we have buried every pet and dog that has passed since we left Kentucky years ago.  With Memorial Day upon us, I want us to think of our past pets we have lost. I have spoken to literally hundreds of people who have lost their beloved pet and have even cried with them when they told me their story.  Some people I never met, but they just needed to talk.  We are who we are, because of our past, and our pets have shaped us more than we choose to believe or may know.  I know the day will come when “that time” will come again and it breaks my heart to even think of it as we all do.

Because of our dog circles and rescues, we get to know many people and parents of our pups and dogs we have helped.  Something some may not realize is that “we” truly get attached to your dogs that we rescue, work with or help in several ways.  It’s big enough to worry about the health and injuries with “our” own dogs but because of our relationship with others, we do fall in love and worry about your dog too, even if it’s not one of our pups as in the case with Jackson.     
Jackson was a remarkable dog and reminded me so much of another dog that we fell in love with, Roxie.  They both were Doberman Pinschers and although, Jackson was a boy and Roxie was a girl, they were very much alike and very loving and we loved them so.  They died two years apart nearly to the day and I remember the last time I saw them and will keep Jackson’s photos on the computer just like I still have Roxie’s. 

We have crossed this bridge before and yes, this is the sad part but I truly loved and remember the all of the dogs that we knew that have passed.  As we celebrate Memorial Day, remember “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” — Joseph Campbell. 

Remember to honor the men and women of our armed services who gave everything for us but remember our past pets too and the funny, cute and loving way they loved us and know they always remembered us…  Take a munute to look into their eyes, stroke their fur and assure them that they are everything to us because someday before we know it, it may be too late.   Ken

“Hey who are you, you seem familiar?”  “I’ve never seen you but I know you too!”  “My name is Jackson and I just got here”  “My name is Roxie and I’ve been here for a blink of an eye”  “I know we have never met but I seem to know you, let's play..."  and as they scamper off to play into the tall green grass, they both carry a small part of a heart that’s on the other side of the bridge, until me meet again… 

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Sleepy time...

I have noticed this before but last night, it was more noticeable than ever.  When I finished up my work in the office, as always I turn the desk light off, get up in the darkness and walk to the stares.  I know it’s unsafe but I usually walk slow always expecting something in the way.  Last night, Dutchess was in the middle of the floor and I bumped her walking through.  Although there is a dog bed in the room, she was laying on the floor close to me.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.

For some reason, all of our dogs want to be around me or Elaine.  Later that night, I was getting ready to sit in my recliner to watch a little TV when I noticed 4 dogs waiting for me to sit.  All of them were anxiously waiting to make their move and jump in my lap, trying to beat the other out.  I have noticed this before and when I back my chair in the office they are usually right behind me, startling me and them but why do they do this?  Is it the breed or how they were raised?  I do notice a difference between our Border Collies and our German Shepherd Dahlia.  While the collies are more loving, Dahlia won’t give it up.  She is loving, don’t get me wrong, but not like the BC’s. 

This caused me to think about the jest of this.  While Dahlia will lay with us on the bed or sit next to us on the couch, after a short time, she is off to her space on the spare bed.  She loves sugar and belly rubs but loves her space.  On the other hand, all of the BC’s will seek, pester, annoy and tease me to do something with them.  If I am sitting and one is my lap, as soon as they get up, another takes their spot and so on.  Dutchess is the worst and if someone is in my lap, she will sit and watch.  Looking first at me and then at the other dog, back and forth until they get up, up she comes, sometimes staying until my legs go to sleep spending hours at a time.   

Dutchess in her spot... Meggie waiting...
I have literally had 5 dogs on the couch with me and no one is comfortable but no-one moves fearing they will lose their spot.  I have grown accustom to this affection and to be growing in intensity and at one time, I only allowed one dog in bed with me.  Just two nights ago, Abbie was at my head laying on the spare pillow, Meggie was stretched out along my back and Dutchess was curled up at the foot of the bed and it was tight to say the least.  When I thought it couldn’t get any more crowded, Clancy decided to join in the fellowship.  While the entire bed was full with furry critters it appeared there was no more room or so I thought.  Clancy climbed up from the foot of the bed and walked on top of my body pillow and settled near my head.  I now had 3 dogs on one side and Clancy stretched out on the pillow that ran from the head to the foot of the bed.  What made matters worse, he slowly slid down in-between me and the pillow which I put between my legs for comfort and fell fast asleep.  It was a tight fit but we made it.  At times, I hear Molly walking on the wood floor near the bed and when I put my hand over the side of the bed and she will lick my fingers.  Because she is getting older and the bed is high, I get up of bed and put her up with the others.  Everybody joins in the fun.

Bed time, Molly & Clancy...
I have often said that until you really experience the love of a dog you’ve never experienced such sweet devotion.  As I write this short story Doc is laying by my feet and every so often, he will get up and put his nose on the desk, wanting nothing but a little attention and a pat on the head.  Today, I pushed my chair back and hugged him and telling him I loved him.  He laid back down and was content, wanting nothing more than reassurance that I did.  I have started taking more time to notice all of them and after running into Dutchess the other night, I reached down to rub her too.  Dogs are pretty amazing…  Ken

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Dreams Do Come True...

Many have followed us here at the farm throughout the years and walked with us during the events of our life along with our dogs.  Sometimes good and sometimes bad but it was a journey some of us traveled.  As I go back and look at some of our events and circumstances, I am amazed of the changes that were made with us and the dogs. 

When we were young and much of life was ahead of us, we dreamed of things that we wanted to become or accomplish in our “long” life sometimes never thinking we would make it, but in some cases we did.  I am living proof that dreams can became true and that we can have hope.  You see, sometimes we set our goals too low because we don’t have confidence in others, and even ourselves but most of the time, it's the latter.

We muddle through life wondering which way to go, hoping to just survive and always looking for that big break and don't think our dream can come true.  A lot of times we put off doing what we need to do to follow our wishes but one day we’re faced with reality and crossroads.  I buckled down and chose to do what I needed to do to get things done, doing things that I didn’t want to do but did it.  So many young people today expect things will fall their way and hopefully it will but nothing ever did and I am who I am because of what I did and lots of dreams.  My daydreams came true for me and I am glad they did and even see others with filled dreams and life is good for all of us who work hard and the stars were lined up.

Abbie is happiest when she is wet...
As most have been following, you know about Abbie’s cancer and the diagnosis was never good but that didn’t stop us from dreaming.  We cried a lot at first and wondered what we would do and how much time we had with her.   Lots of trips to the Vet for her weekly treatments, pill popping and sock making finally paid off with a little more time.   I have said in private to a few close friends, my dream is to have her until she can swim and play a few more times, knowing it might not come to pass but it did.  With her, everything seems normal right now and last weekend, my dream came true… A few of our dogs along with Atticus and Gabe got to play in the water at the farm last weekend.  

Dear friends of ours came to visit, bring their boys and helped us celebrate Elaine and my wedding anniversary.  The weather was wonderful, sunny and getting into the 80’s a few days and the dogs had fun and I was beaming like a Cheshire cat.  I got my wish, Abbie jumped off the diving board, swam and played with the Jolly Ball and kept up with everyone every day.   It was good to see and my wish granted but most of all Abbie was happy and so was I. 

Hopefully things will continue and life will go on but we all know there is always a goodbye hovering in the shadows of a dog, hopefully this shadow is long and the sun moves slow.  In a conversation a few weeks ago a good friend of mine said something to the effect “do you know how lucky you are with Abbie’s health?”  Yes I do, dreams do come true and for one weekend, life was good, the sun was shinning and good friends were here and Abbie hogged the Jolly Ball.   Thanks for listening…  Ken

Note, Alan Teague took the photos.

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My Thoughts...

Several days ago I mentioned that Abbie had her last Chemo treatment this last Friday.  Although this is not the hardest road I have ever traveled, it’s pretty close, something you can never experience and I thought I understood, but really didn’t.  Nearly 6 years ago, I was contacted by a person who had just lost their Border Collie.  I never met him but remember the words he said. “I knew you would understand” and that’s why he called.   I remember the conversation well and it was sad to hear the pain he was in and my heart broke for him and his dog.   I hurt for him and invited him to share his story on our Rainbow Bridge web page which he did.  It is a wonderful story and told from his heart.  His dog lived a wonderful life and was his companion till the end.  He wrote… “She left us this week while curled into my chest out in her backyard. The birds were singing, the squirrels were chattering, she could hear all of the sounds that had made that place what it meant to her.” His dog’s name was “Abby” and she died from the same disease my Abbie has.  Little did I know we were traveling down that same road…

 As the days and weeks have gone by since Abbie was diagnosed, at first she was eager to go with me and a ride in the car, not really knowing where she was going but always finding out it wasn’t very pleasant in the end.  Soon she didn’t like the car rides and would lay on the back seat looking at me or put her chin on my shoulder as I drove licking my face.  As hard as I tried to cheer her up, she would lick my face and give out a sigh.  I knew she didn’t want to be in the car much less go for her treatment and as the sessions were coming to an end, she wouldn’t walk to the door at the clinic but looked at me as if saying “please” and once inside, she would stand at the glass door and look outside and then back at me again saying “please” again.  The hardest part of the whole trip was when the technician would take her leash and walk out with her for her treatment.  She always stopped at the door, looking at me with her black eyes and pleading for me to help her.

To go through this is bittersweet for us.  Although we have extended her life, at times I feel I am losing the closeness I once had because she sees “me” as the person who is making her uncomfortable and giving her one of many pills she is on but she always sleeps at my head in bed and comes to my lap when we sit.   Many times, I have said to her “I’m trying to save you, please understand” and hug her tight.  Just like our kids, we do these things to make their life better, knowing the end may justify the means doesn’t means it any easier.  I try to make their life better from knowledge or experience but I also feel like a “slug” for doing it, knowing its necessary, hopping they understand.  In Abbie’s case probably not because she can’t understand but I wish she could, maybe someday she will.  
At least the Chemo is over but we’ll have several days of sickness and hopefully she will recover and play, run and jump in the water with everyone.  Something she misses so much and I always said if we could have one summer to jump and play in the lake we have won.  We love them so much it hurts…

Although my Facebook time is limited by choice, I’m there is spirit, when this kind of things happens to pets or family, priorities seem to change a little and in truth, I don’t let many know how things are because I don’t want anyone to hurt or feel like me, even if just reading about it.

As Winston Churchill once said “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”  Time will tell… Ken

John's "Abby"

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